PeterConnects unsupported features

PeterConnects Attendant is originally designed for use with the Cisco Call Manager. Most features work fine, but some do not function with Asterisk based PBX systems. Below is a list of features that are currently not supported in the PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk.

Unsupported features
PeterConnects Attendant features which are not supported, are:

  • Conferencing calls ( Meetme boxes are possible however)
  • Paging requires currently unsupported PeterConnects In-House paging solution*
  • Intercom calls (You can use the Asterisk Page feature to perform intercom calls)
  • Monitor the state of hunt groups*
  • Receiver off hook indication*
  • Sending messages to displays of phones (also XML messages)*
  • View call history on the attendant itself
  • Click-to-Dial in the web-based Corporate Phonebook*
  • Call Deflect of calls are not correctly displayed.

* We do plan to support these features some time in the future.

Supported Asterisk released
We support the latest releases of each major Asterisk version from v1.4 up to Asterisk 13.   

Supported Asterisk channels technologies
The AsteriskConnect will relay status information of all channels, however some features are only available for SIP channels. Currently we fully support the SIP and IAX2 channels (not PJSIP), other channels are not continuously tested and can therefor not be guaranteed to function.

Supported phones for attendant
To connect a handset or headset to the Asterisk system the PeterConnects attendant uses a SIP phone as an audio interface. An extra benefit of this is that even if the PeterConnects service is off-line an operator can still answer calls using the phone functionality. Only these phones can be used as operator extension, all other phones may be any other types of phones. Currently the supported Operator phones are;

  • Snom 3xx (preferred are Snom 360 & 370)
  • Snom 7xx (preferred is Snom 760)
  • Aastra 67xx (preferred are 6755i & 6757i)
  • Aastra 68xx (preferred are 6855i, 6857i & 6859i)