peterConnect Attendant features

The video below shows mosts of the features available;

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  • Please note that some shown features only function on Cisco Call Manager systems, click here for more information.


Easy call handling using keyboard or mouse
All actions, such as answering calls, placing on hold, transferring are easy to perform using just the keyboard or mouse, or a combination of both. The system is designed to have all functions used often available using the fewest key presses.

Viewing phone status
See who's on the phone, who has forwarded calls or who has Do-Not-Disturb enabled quickly even-though your organization might have over 1000 phones!

Locate and see availability of flex-workers / hot-deskers
More and more offices are hot-desking but who is out-of the office and who is available? All questions that an attendant needs to have quick answers to. PeterConnects attendant offers this functionality by display availability and location of a person by just searching for his or her name or number. Easy and powerful!  

Corporate and Personal Directories
Telephone directories are the most important references for attendants, the PeterConnects directories allow quick and easy access to off course any kind of phone number but also email, department, location, building, info texts (like: Out of the office notifications), and many more custom fields you would like to see. Telephone directories can be compiled from up to 10 different ODBC, SQL & LDAP sources. All common database link standards are supported. The telephone directory is synchronized with the sources on a predefined daily basis up to 4 times a day. The telephone list can optionally be made available on the telephones of all users or on the intranet*. 

Adding information fields
The operator station can add information fields to employees, giving easy and quick access to information that attendants need. For example the attendant can register if a person is on a holiday (with end date) and get a reminder every time he/she want to call the person.

Caller recognition
Telephone numbers of external callers are recognized and when a call comes in, name and details are displayed on the operator station (as well as on the phones). In addition, common call forwarding numbers are preselected and priority can be given in the queue. This allows important callers to receive priority service. If an international call arrives the attendant will also display the special country flag of the caller.

CRM integration
A web-based CRM application can easily be shown with the PeterConnects Attendant allowing immediate display of the customer-record of a calling client.

Sending mail messages users *
Sending e-mails to users using predefined templates and automatically add the call details of the active call. Ideal for creating quick and easy "Please return call from..." messages. (no mail client required on the Client PC)

Sending text messages SMS *
Sending short text messages to mobile phone of employees directly from within the attendant software.

Automated-attendant features  *
Asterisk systems have absolutely great automated attendant functionality built-in, however the maintenance of such features is usually only done by the system administrators. The PeterConnects automated attendant feature allows the attendant operator to easily make changes to the automated attendant and also allows the attendant to see callers that are waiting in the automated attendant and taking them out of the queue if they want to. And yes, it also includes a queuing mechanism with hold time and position announcements.

Viewing Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes Agenda's *
View the agenda's of your co-workers quickly and even before you attempt a transfer, allowing the attendant to inform the caller of the availability of the co-worker before even actually transferring the call.

Viewing Microsoft OCS/Lync or Domino SameTime Presence status *
View the status of co-workers using Microsoft OCS, Microsoft Lync or Domino SameTime clients within the PeterConnects Attendant software. Giving the attendant yet another way of checking the availability of a co-worker.

Cisco Wireless Location Support *
See where co-workers are located within the office premises by simply viewing the building plan of the office. This feature works in combination with Cisco's WiFi networks with location support. (see video for example)

* This feature requires an additional license