Pricing for the AsteriskConnect software is based per system,
the number of concurrent CSTA connections and connected devices


Available from € 1250,-
(End-user price for a single CSTA connection, max 100 devices and excluding hardware)

Basic licensing
The AsteriskConnect basic license allows you to use all basic features, but the connection is limited to a single CSTA III link. In most systems this is all you need since the AsteriskConnect is mainly used for 3rd party call control. For 1st party call control you are much better of using the uaCSTA interface available on most SIP phones nowadays. The basic license is available for small to large systems;
  • For a maximum of 100 devices:    € 1250,- 
  • For a maximum of 200 devices:    € 1750,-
  • For a maximum of 500 devices:    € 2500,-
  • For a maximum of 1000 devices:  € 3250,-
  • For a maximum of 5000 devices:  € 4250,-
Additional licensing
Additional license options are available for support for up to 5 simultaneous CSTA connections.
If you need more than 1 simultaneous CSTA connection, send us an email for a personal quote.
PcaCstaXML licensing
Especially for the PeterConnect Attendant software we offer licenses that also alter the way the AsteriskConnect behaves. This type of license comes in 2 major versions;
  • v2: supports Asterisk 1.4 ( € 910,- )
  • v3: supports Asterisk 1.4 up to 12 ( € 1905,- )
Version 3 is now also available in a "Light-model" supporting a maximum of 100 devices and "Medium-model" for supporting a maximum of 200 devices. Just like the the PeterConnects Attendant pricing these models offer a 50% discount for the "Light-model", or 33% discount for the "Medium-model".  
Trial License
A trial license is available for free by sending us an email through our contact form.
This trial license will allow you to run the AsteriskConnect for a total of 4 hours after which it will automatically shutdown. However you will be able to restart the service again for a second, third or even more 4 hours. This gives you a perfect opportunity to test our software, but of course it's not really useful in production environments since you will loose all active call information and active extension information such as call forwarding etc.
Reseller discount
Resellers can get large discounts, but will need to have their own technical support department and order two or more licenses per year.
Curious about the discount price for resellers? 
Send us an e-mail and describe your business case.
Wholesale discount
If you would like to use the AsteriskConnect in your own product we are open to create wholesale contract for you. In a wholesale contract the licensing method will continue to be based on a per unit basis, however you can install the software on all units without enabling the license, as extra we will offer you easy access to our licensing system to quickly order your own licenses or create demo licenses. Also we will offer direct access to our development department giving you the best support possible. In this way you can continue to offer your own standardized solution which always includes the AsteriskConnect but only enable it when you need it. In return we ask a minimum quantity of 50 licenses per year and certified personnel to perform your own customer/reseller support
All prices mentioned in this email are indications of prices excl. VAT, no rights can be claimed based on this information. For actual prices; please specify your order with details and amounts and we will send you a personal quote.