PeterConnects Support & SLA's

TechNetworks offers support via resellers, end-customers should contact their reseller. Support and Service Level Agreement are therefor only available for resellers.

We work with resellers and usually not directly with end-customers. As a result our resellers will do most of the support but can rely on our expertise. To enable resellers to perform the support on these systems we offer extensive training courses and an extra discount if they have successfully completed these trainings. However resellers will likely need our support every now and then which is why we offer Service Level Agreements to our resellers.

Remote support
Our support is based on remote-assistance using special software that does not require any installation and offers full two-way audio if available. This allows us to give you quick and clear support without having to send us screenshots via mail in order to explain your problem.

On-Site support 
For On-Site support at end-customers we rely on our the service provided by our resellers. Nevertheless we do offer on-site support if possible, but travel-expenses and hours will be charged and cannot be covered through SLA's.

Support without prior training
We urge resellers to get proper training in order to ensure a correct installation of our product. But if this is the first installation it's acceptable normal that the reseller has not yet received the proper training yet. Therefor we offer one hour of free remote-assistance on each system that's bought to help them configure the system is correctly. If more assistance is needed prepaid-support packages can be bought at a reduced price. Please also read the Investment page on this website to get an estimate off what to expect during a first time installation.

Pre-Paid Support Hours
We offer pre-paid support hours which are packages of support hours offered at a reduced price (20-30% off). A special offer off 4 hours of pre-paid support is available with each system you buy. If you need even more assistance you can also buy the 25, 50 & 100 hours prepaid-support packages. Off course you can also choose to pay per hour without any further discount.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)
The use of a Service Level Agreements is strongly recommended, but nevertheless with each attendant system you buy you will get one year of free "Software Support". 
There are three SLA options to choose from:
  • 3rd Line technical support
    This covers free remote support from our support-desk for problem solving in case of errors on this system. It applies to already installed systems that have been running normally after the first installation. 3rd line support does not cover assisting in installation and configuration of systems.
  • Software Support
    This covers free software updates & upgrades if bugs in the software are occurring and is free during the first year. It also covers the labor costs for the fault finding of actual bugs in our software, but not configuration faults made by the user.
  • Software Assurance
    This covers free software updates & upgrades at all time to keep your software up to date. This SLA option is only available in combination with "Software support".
Service Level Agreements are possible for periods from 2-5 years, after this period the SLA can be prolonged with 1 year at a time for as long as the product is supported.