The PeterConnects Attendant solution

PeterConnects Attendant is a powerful operator station allowing fast and easy handling of large numbers of phone calls. The software is easy to use and provides a range of smart features for flawless call handling.

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PeterConnects Attendant; Asterisk Edition
With the Asterisk Edition of the PeterConnects Attendant the renowned operator station on the
CiscoUnified Communication Manager platform becomes available for the world of Asterisk PBX users. This makes it possible to switch to Asterisk as telephony platform while presenting the same operator application to the end user. TechNetworks offers the AsteriskConnect middleware and PeterConnects Attendant bundled as one for Asterisk PBX users.


The PeterConnects Attendant Solution, more then just a PC Operator solution.

The official website of PeterConnects offers more information, see:

TechNetworks BV is the official distributor for the PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk.

(NOTE: only the PeterConnects Attendant software module will function under Asterisk!)