PeterConnects Investment

Installing a PeterConnects Attendant requires knowledge of many different parts, like the Asterisk dial plan, Windows Servers, the asteriskConnect and of course the PeterConnects attendant itself !

What investment is needed?
Selling a one-off PeterConnects attendant system as a reseller is only feasible if your customer is willing to pay for it. Because in order to resell a PeterConnects Attendant you need to be a Certified Reseller which can only be achieved through trainings. For this we offer a 4 hours Sales Training and a 3 days technical training. Additionally you will then need to configure your PBX to be able to work with the PeterConnects Attendant which can take quite some effort!

Typically a normal installation of a PeterConnects system can be done in 1-2 days (including end-user training) and depending on the configuration. However during your first installation you will encounter all kinds of new stuff which takes time to figure out. So let us give you a realistic indication for a small system with just basic features:

  • 4 Hours for sales-representative training (Required to receive the certified reseller status)

  • 24 hours for technical engineer training (Required to receive the certified reseller status)

  • 8 Hours to install and configure the asteriskConnect software for the first-time

  • 4 Hours to adjust your Asterisk dial plan to enable the basic features like receiving and transferring calls

  • 8 Hours to adjust your Asterisk dial plan to enable features like Call Forwarding & DND indications and mobility/flex-working options.

  • 4 Hours to install the PeterConnects Attendant server & client software (Basic Configuration)

  • 4 Hours to configure the PeterConnects Data Extraction service to create the Corporate Directory from your database sources

  • 4 Hours to explain to you which things to watch out for and checking your PeterConnects configuration

  • 4 Hours of customer end-user training

This is just for a basic installation including email and SMS support, but without advanced features like database links, Microsoft Outlook/Agenda integration. So you need to keep in mind you will at least need about 4.5 days of work to get it up and running and around an 3000 euro investment into trainings. 

Off course, if you've done it once you can simply repeat the exercise, with very little effort.

Alternative solution?
You may consider using our @COM Business Manager which already has everything pre-configured and integrated. This will save you time on development and will ensure you a proper operation, for more information check out:


You will need a 64 bit Windows server & 32/64 but Windows workstation to install the PeterConnects. Thin-clients are officially not supported, however virtualization of the server using vmWare is! If you decide to virtualize the server be aware that PeterConnects is a real-time application which can never be put "on-hold" by the vmWare-guest, so do not install on systems with high loads or where locking can occur. Virtualization of Attendant Client Software is not supported nor recommended, in fact we urge you to use a dedicated system for this purpose.