PeterConnects Attendant pricing

Pricing for the PeterConnects Attendant for Asterisk is based on the amount of simultaneous attendants/receptionists and features you are using:


Available from € 2365,-

( End-user price for a single attendant, AsteriskConnect v3 with light model discount.)
( Additional features and hardware not included! )
Basic licensing

For the first 5 attendants the list-price is € 2910,- per attendant and you will also need the "AsteriskConnect for PeterConnects" middleware starting at € 1820,- per system. However, if your system as less then 100 devices connected you will receive a "light-model" discount of 50%!, or a "medium-model" discount of 33% if there are less than 200 devices connected.  
( Note: If you need more than 5 simultaneous attendants, send us a mail for a personal quote. )


Additional licensing
Additional features also require an additional license-fees of each € 391,- per attendant and are needed for following functionalities; 

  • Sending emails
  • Sending SMS messages
  • MS OCS/Lync integration
  • MS Outlook Agenda integration
  • Lotus/Domino SameTime integration
  • Lotus Notes integration
  • Cisco Wireless Location solution

The features below require a single server license per system;

  • Independent Automated Attendant feature     ( € 1175,- per system )
  • Corporate Intranet phone book                      ( € 2910,- per system )
  • Real-time information tool (Queue-monitor)    ( €   875,- per system )
Light/Medium model discount
If your PBX has less than 200 phones you will receive a special model discount over the PeterConnects software:
  • < 100 phones offers a 50% discount on all PeterConnects software licenses
  • < 200 phones offers a 33% discount on all PeterConnects software licenses
    ( Note: Discount does not apply to the AsteriskConnect v2, but does apply to the AsteriskConnect v3 middleware! )
Reseller discount
Resellers can get large discounts on top of the model discount!
Curious about your discount and a full pricelist for resellers?
Send us an e-mail and describe your business case.
All prices mentioned in this email are indications of prices excl. VAT, no rights can be claimed based on this information. For actual prices; please specify your order with details and amounts and we will send you a personal quote.