RMA: Return of Material Authorisation procedures

If you have defective hardware or want to return hardware within 30 days of delivery you will need to request an RMA number. RMA numbers can be requested by sending an e-mail to info@technetworks.eu. Please ensure to include your name, hardware model, hardware ID (HWID) and a detailed error descriptions. TechNetworks B.V. offers the folling RMA types:

Normal RMA (general)
@COM products purchased directly from TechNetworks BV by a customer may be returned by the customer within 30 days of the date on the invoice. Hardware must be returned IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING, and a 20% restocking fee will apply. The customer will be responsible for paying shipping and necessary insurance fees when returning items to TechNetworks B.V. In the case of Software licenses TechNetworks personal must be granted remote-access to the system to remove the licenses. All costs for removal of the license from the system and license server are charged to the customer. A RMA number must be requested in both cases.

Defective Hardware RMA
Defective hardware may be returned to TechNetworks after receiving a RMA number from TechNetworks. The defective hardware will be repaired as soon as possible, unless a price specification was requested in advance. If you do not decide to have us repair the unit after a price specification is provided a minimum repair fee of 50 euros will be charged, unless the hardware does not need to be returned. The costs of repair can be covered by the Hardware Support SLA module.

Advance Hardware Exchange RMA
If your SLA includes "Hardware Support" and you are a Certified Service Partner you may request an "Advance Hardware Exchange". We will then send replacement hardware with the new licenses to you as soon as possible so you can replace the defective hardware. In this way you are able to get your customer up and running in hardly no time at all, and we will only charge you the shipping costs. If your SLA also includes "Hardware Assurance" the shipping costs will not charged.

However, in case the defect is caused by damage not covered by the SLA all costs (including the repair costs) will be charge to you.
Examples are: Water damage, lightning strike, Improper usage or damage caused by excessive external forces.