Where to buy

TechNetworks does not supply service to end-customers, only to resellers.

If you would like to buy our products please contact one of our resellers. If a reseller is not mentioned for your location, read the section below ; "No reseller in your area?" 

European Resellers
The Netherlands
    @COM Business Manager Asterisk Connect PeterConnects Attendant
Trends Telematics Rotterdam B.V.
Hoofdweg 20
3067GH Rotterdam
Trends Telematics Amsterdam B.V.
Hessenbergweg 73
1101CX Amsterdam
Deciso B.V.
Edison 28
3241LS Middelharnis

No reseller in your area?

Our company is very keen on expanding our network but we need resellers worldwide to do so.

If you are a customer and interested in our products; 
Please let us know and tell us about potential resellers in your area. For us it often difficult to determine whether certain companies are suitable to become a reseller, however for you as a customer it is often easier because of your knowledge of the local market. Often resellers are keen into selling new products when they already have a potential customer for it. So let us know and help us gathering new resellers and help yourself in getting the best suitable reseller in your local area.

If you are a reseller and interested in our products; 

Great!, give us a call or use our contact form. We ask our resellers to follow our certification training but in return give large discounts on the product allowing your company a quick Return On Investment. The large discount can even be included in your first order if it includes the order for the trainings too!